Finance and General Purposes Committee

Terms of Reference of the Finance and General Purposes Committee:

1)   To act within the Council’s approved Standing Orders and Financial Regulations at all times.

2)   To meet at least four times a year, reporting on its activities with recommendations, to the Council following each committee meeting.

3)   In pursuance of Standing order No. 15(a)(ix) the committee shall be empowered to incur expenditure on behalf of the Council.

4)   The committee’s principal function shall be to review the draft annual budget for the Council, as prepared by the Responsible Financial Officer (RFO), and to submit it together with a recommendation as to the amount of the precept to  be levied, to the Council at its January meeting.

5)   To oversee the preparation and maintenance of Income and Expenditure, and Annual Accounts by the RFO.

6)   The committee’s secondary function shall be to oversee all aspects of Council administration and office expenditure and to undertake all matters regarding Personnel issues and annual staff appraisals and any disciplinary action in accordance with Standing Order No.26.

7)   To review and maintain an overview of the Risk Assessment and Insurance levels as recommended by the RFO in order to maintain adequate and appropriate cover for the Council, its members, its employees and its properties at all times.

8)   To undertake such other relevant reviews, examinations or activities as may, from time to time, be referred to it by the  Council.

This is undertaken within the monthly parish council meeting.