If you need police in an emergency dial 999

In non-urgent cases dial 101

Watch out for rogue traders claiming work needs doing to your home even when it doesn’t.

What are rogue traders?

Rogue traders are callers to your home who arrive unannounced, uninvited and offering to do work

They are opportunists hoping you will believe them when they say work needs doing to your home

They might say your roof tiles need replacing, your chimney stack is dangerous or your home in general needs some work

We know rogue traders have no intention of doing work properly, if at all.

Worried a friend or relative may fall victim to a rogue trader?

Give them a call and find out if they are worried about their home.

Suggest they contact a Kent County Council Trading Standards approved trader to come out and look at the fault they have identified.

Download and give them the Say No to Rogue Trader leaflet.

Advise them if they’re not sure about the caller, don’t let them in.

We know accepting work from a rogue trader never saves you time or money.

So which trader can your trust?

KCC Trading Standards only recommends one trader scheme in Kent which is run in partnership with Checkatrade.

Use a door chain when answering the door
Don’t hand over sums of money on demand
Check the caller’s identification card
Any doubts, call Kent Police on 999 if they are present or 101 if they have gone.


For advice and to report issues to KCC Trading Standards contact
Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 04 05 06 Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Tell us if you said no to a rogue trader recently.  It takes just a few minutes to fill in our online reporting form and the information you give us may stop someone from being targeted by a rogue trader.

Don’t delay, report it to us today –  kent.gov.uk/tradingstandards